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U1012 Course         

Coaching Course Registration

U10-12 Course - $72.50 (OHN $70-Transaction Fee $2.50)

***An additional Facility Fee may be due at check-in. Please check with the coaching course coordinator***


Registered for a U10/12 Course? Click Here for Pre-Assignment Information.

The U10/12 Course is a fourteen hour course designed for Travel Level coaches working with players competing in the 6v6 (U9/10), 8v8 (U11/12), and 11v11 (U13/14) formats. Coaching players between the ages of nine and twelve is arguably the most critical period for long-term player development and the technical foundation for later tactical understanding is either successfully established, or irretrievably lost, during this stage. 

The U10/12 Course consists of on-field practical information (11 hours) and the self-paced, online Novice Coach Course (~3 hours), which, together, present ideas  on teaching the technical, tactical, psychological and physical elements of soccer games ranging from 1v1 to 8v8. Technical skills, including goalkeeper skills, are broken down in depth, as are small-group tactics (the Principles of Play) and game management relevant to 6v6 and 8v8 coaching. Soccer fitness is presented as a by-product of active play. 

Fundamentally, the U10/12 Course strives to demonstrate how soccer “skill” (the application of technique under pressure) can be developed by playing soccer in a variety of game forms; and by utilizing a variety of simple conditions and scoring systems to promote learning. There is no formal assessment of coaching skills or soccer knowledge in the U10/12 Course. 

Typically, the U10/12 Course is scheduled for one weeknight (Friday, 6pm-9pm) and one weekend day (Saturday or Sunday, 8am-5pm), but can be adapted to accommodate most local needs. Host organizations – and participating coaches -- are encouraged to provide U10/12 players for the course.

The minimum enrollment for a U10/12 course is twelve. 

Precourse Assignments
Candidates are required to complete the following three (3) pre-course assignments: 

  1. Laws of the Game exam is housed on the US Soccer website and Ohio North coaches taking the U10/12 course should register under "E" License to receive credit. Upon completion, the results are electronically sent to Ohio North.
  2. Concussion Awareness Training: There are three courses approved by Ohio Law 143. Coaches will need to present confirmation of completion to their instructor at the course opening.
    -The Center for Disease Control (CDC) Course
    -The National Federation of High School (NFHS) Course
    -The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NSYA) Course
  3. Novice On-line Course: There is no additional cost for this course and a username and password are provided upon registration confirmation for the U-10/12 Course.  The results are electronically sent to Ohio North. 

Use the username and password you received in your registration confirmation

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