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Special Topics

Special Topics

The Ohio North Special Topics Series is designed for coaches of all levels who are interested in learning more about the game, learning more about their players, and learning more about modern coaching methods. 

Special Topic sessions generally scheduled for between 90 minutes and 2-hours and are free to Ohio North member organizations. The sessions can be held on the field or in the classroom.   


2014 STS

January 21 in Brecksville: From The Outside Working In, with Andy Kilner.
January 30 in Niles: Soccer Club Development / Improving Coaching Effectiveness. 
February 20 in Brecksville: Coaching Through The Soccer Problems Method.
February 23 in Avon: E/D/C License Preparation. 
February 26 in Brecksville: D License Preparation. 
March 5 in Toledo: Parents and Player Development
March 15 in Van Buren: Player Development Though The Ages.
March 17 in Avon Lake: The Coaching Process.
April 9 in Nordonia Hills: Practice Activities for U6/U8/U10.
June 12 in Archbold: Coaching and Player Development
July 22 in Waterloo: Coaching U6/U8
July 23 in Waterloo: Coaching U10/U12/U14.

Additional dates can be added by request. To host a Special Topics Series presentation at your soccer club, contact Ohio North Director of Coaching, Tom Turner, at There is no charge to Ohio North members. 

2013 STS

January 21: AASL Single Carding Follow-up
February 19: Toledo Football Academy. Parent Stereotypes
February 20: Avon Lake SC. The Games Approach to Coaching
February 21: Niles Wellness Center. Seasonal Planning - HS Teams
February 27: Rocky River SO. The U8 Soccer Player 
March 12: NWOYSL Coaches. Seasonal Planning - Youth Teams
March 16: North Central United. Incorporating the GK into Practice
March 16: Stow SC. Concussion/Single Carding/Parent Stereotypes
March 20: Rocky River SO. Long-Term Development
March 21: Amherst SC. Entry-Level Programming/Single Carding
April 9: ESSL Arsenal. Evolving a Soccer Club
April 20: North Central United. From Developing Spatial Awareness to Positional Coaching
April 24: Liederkranz SC. Practice Planning/Player Development 
April 28: Louisville SC. Practice Planning
May 28: Canfield SC. Parent Stereotypes
June 12: Sebring West Branch SC. Practice Planning 
June13: Crestview SC. Practice Organization/Training thru Games/ Principles of Play
June 14: Niles Wellness Center. Practice Planning - HS Level
July 14: Strongsville SC. Playing from Back 3rd to Middle 3rd 
July 16: Sebring SC. Practice Planning/Player Development
July 17: GAASA. Seasonal Planning
August 20: GAASA. How To Watch A Game
September 15: GAASA. Practice Planning
October 27: GAASA. Evolving a Soccer Club
November 20: GAASA. The Games Approach to Coaching.  

Previous "Headlines" have included... Parent Management, Practice Management, Player Development, The Games Approach to Coaching, How To Watch A Game, Principles of Play, Soccer Systems, How Kids Really Learn To Master A Sport, The Olympic Development Program,  Laws Of The Game: Practical Application To Coaching, Soccer Programs For Entry-Level Players, The Skills and Tactics of Goalkeeping, The Keys To A Good Training Session,  Coaching Within The Game, Soccer Fitness, and Combination Play.  

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