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  • Billing Procedures: Due to some changes in Affinity, at the moment, billing procedures will be going back to doing estimated fees. 

    Registration Deadlines - ESTIMATED FEES = 75% of Previous season's data
           Fall Deadlines:          September 1: Estimated Fees due (or final fees)
                                         October 1: Final Fee due

           Winter Deadline:       February 1: Final Fees Due

           Spring Deadlines:      April 1: Estimated Fees Due (or Final fees)
                                          May 1: Final fees due

           Summer Deadline:    July 1: Final fee due

  • Payments must be submitted with a completed Fee Transmittal Form.
  • All members must submit their player and team registrations using Affinity Sports

For Registration questions or concerns please contact DeAnna Leonard.

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August 1 -
Annual Membership fee and form due along with a copy of your bylaws and goal safety policy  (if there has been changes)

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