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US Youth Soccer Rule 201 requires that a youth player register each seasonal year (September 1 - August 31) in the State Association in which he/she resides with his/her parent(s) /guardian(s).  A youth player wishing to participate with a team from a state association other than the state in which they reside must receive written permission from both state associations prior to participation.

The player must register and pay any appropriate fee(s) in the state in which they reside.

Registration/Out of state fees:

  • All players: $25
  • Out of State Team Fee: $25/team

Players requesting permission to play outside of Ohio North Boundaries

Teams requesting to play in a league outside Ohio North Boundaries


A team must obtain a travel permit prior to attending an event outside of Ohio North. Please note that Ohio South is considered “out of state” and teams must have a travel permit for games played in their region. There is no fee associated with this form. 

Permission to Travel is completed through the Affinity registration system.

Permission to Travel/Event Roster Instructions


Guest Player Request

**For those who wish to guest play but are not currently registered with a team, please use the same form.  A player pass will need to be generated so your child can be Ohio North approved and eligible to guest play.

Registered Tournament Guest Player

**Players who wish to use their current club player pass to guest play with another club in a tournament. No player pass will be generated for this request.

For further questions on Out of State Permissions and/or Guest Players, contact DeAnna Leonard at


NOTE: Tournament Teams are formed for tournament play only.

To register a Tournament Team:

1. Each player must complete a Membership Form 

  • each player must include a copy of their birth certificate and a current photo.

2. Each coach/staff member must complete a Admin Membership Form

3. Team manager/coach to complete the Tournament Team Request Form

4. Fees (plus express fees if applicable).

  • Fees are $20 per player and coach
  • Express fees are $50 if you require processing within 7 days
  • Use this credit card form , a 3% convenience fee will be added to all charge card payments, or include a check for payment

5. Submit the above to Ohio North via US mail, email, or office appointment.

  • Paperwork must be received by the State Office at least two weeks prior to the event. 
  • Passes will be sent to designated team person listed on the request form. 

For further questions on Tournament Teams, contact Bernie Telmanik at

6650 W. Snowville Road, Suite Y
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Office: 440-526-9020 Fax: 440-526-9055 
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