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2008 Bay Village


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The vast majority of coaches in the United States are Moms and Dads who volunteer their time for their child's soccer team. The Novice Coaching Series is geared towards a) those who are new to soccer, and b) those with a soccer-playing background who are new to the role of "coach." 

This self-paced online study course is geared for those who work with U10 - U14 age groups and provides theoretical and practical information. The following information is included in the course...

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    The Moment of Transition
    Tactical Insight

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   General Technical Emphases By Age
    General Tactical Emphases By Age
    General Characteristics Of Players By Age 
        The U-6 Player
        The U-8 Player
        The U-10 Player
        The U-12 Player 
        The U-14 Player

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    The Principles Of Play
        Games To Teach The Principles Of Play
    Spacing And Positions
    Soccer Skills
        Ball Control
        The "Fear" Skills
    Goalkeeping Skills

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   Pre-Game Warm-Up
    Game Management
    Substitution Management
    Player Management
    Situation Management
    Laws Of The Game
        Referee Protection
        The "Problem" Laws

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   Transfer from Practice
        Main Coaching Objectives
        Keys To A Good Practice
    Organizing A Training Session
        Basic Practice Games
    The Coaches' Tool Kit

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    The Pre-Season Meeting
    Why Kids Play Sport
    Why Kids Quit Sport

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