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C license


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COURSE DESCRIPTION:  The National "C" License course addresses the challenges of working with 15-18 year-old players. Candidates are challenged to observe a Youth National Team match to identify the roles and responsibilities of the players; and asked to assess how the principles of play impact the coaching process.  The match for analysis provides the common context for the course.

goals D

  1. To prepare coaches to better recognize problems and solutions as they occur in the run of play and to communicate this information to their players; 
  2. To create rich training environments that challenge players to grow, and; 
  3. To provide a foundation for those wishing to pursue more advanced certification within the U.S. Soccer Coaching Pathway. 

The primary emphasis in the National "C" License is the dynamic relationship between tactics (principles of play) and the positional (functional) application of technique. In both the practice field sessions and the final field exam, candidates will be required to demonstrate practical understanding of how technique impacts tactics. 

kay areas D
  • Observation and identification of the technical and tactical demands of the game.
  • Recognition of soccer problems, based on the “Five-W’s”.
  • Application of functional technique to small group tactics and games of up to 9v9.
  • Organization, development and implementation of appropriate training sessions to correct and reinforce the demands of the game.
  • Improved awareness and understanding of the responsibilities of coaching.
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